Since August, 2010, I have been knitting in public at various locations. To date I have knit with over 150 people. The knitted piece goes off into three sections allowing two other people to knit with me at the same time. While knitting I engaged my co-knitters in conversation, audio-taping these discussions. Then I took fragments of these discussions and translated the words into sound waves. The waves were then knit into a final wall hanging.

My interest was in the weaving of words that were communicated during these encounters, and the history and strength of women's voices. I experimented with different ways to translate this visually. In the end I produced two videos, a sound piece, a photographic composite of the sections knit by different women, and the wall hanging--all components for an installation called "Voices of the Yarn."


Voices of the Yarn: Wave Patterns

4' x 14' machine knit in cotton/acrylic, representing voice prints (sound waves) of 100 knitters